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179740_10201302312980260_1499208125_nJosiah Black (a.k.a. Captain Obvious, your guide today)  is not your every day rambling troubadour.  In addition to having visited OVER 10 of the 50 states and 2 of 195 countries. He won several essay and speech contests nationwide as a youth. Mr. Black is a sales manager for a major SEO, SEM & SMM company. This blog has nothing to do with any sort of productive enterprise so don’t let the fact I’ve just previously mentioned muddy the waters.  If you don’t know what any of those mean, feel free to click on or carry on. Josiah’s intimate knowledge of basketball, football and their statistics is coveted by many and possessed by few. He is an up and coming backyard athlete and his two biggest fans are the one on his ceiling and another one mounted on the wall.

Josiah currently has a beautiful half Japanese fiance  (pictured at right.. .and left, they’re twitterpated).

FYI: dental floss does NOT work as a blindfold (contrary to popular opinion).

Not impressed? His experience as the oldest of 12 children has given him hundreds of opportunities to become a relationship guru each and every day… (a skill he has yet to perfect but that’s beside the point).  He has suffered from a poignantly overdeveloped sense of humor the span of his entire life and throughout the recent years this man has resolved to spread his affliction to the rest of mankind; that they may experience that with which he must live through everyday. But this page digresses…

1097147_10201814958556079_203157058_oLet’s get OFF the subject of me for a minute. Who REALLY wants to know about the author in the “Get To Know The Author” section anyway? What you’re really looking for is something to educate, entertain and envelop you. Something you can look to as a comedic north star, an oasis of comic relief in a desert of dry puns. My hope is that your mission terminates here…that your quest ends at this point… that you join me randomly for another episode of…

Devastating The Obvious


©All original content on this blog is hereby copyrighted unless otherwise noted. Do not repost without express permission from Josiah Black which he will give almost every time.


58 thoughts on “Meet The Captain

  1. Zachary on said:

    Haha… knowing you this is even funnier. Way to go. I look forward to seeing your posts once you really get goin with this thing 😀

  2. It should be a blast. Just keep checkin in! And feel free to link me to yall’s blogs in exchange for a link. I think promoting each other is important. Lets blog people!

  3. Good stuff! We seem to share the same odd sense of humor.

  4. S.T.D. on said:

    Will you be my blog buddy? (:

  5. Love the sense of humor, and style…will visit regularly. I truly appreciate skewed perspective, and that seems your forte…great start, keep it up!

  6. Thanks J. I appreciate the encouragement. If your looking for humor, style and skewed perspective you’ve absolutely come to the right place!

  7. Also @Sarah. Sorry bout the oversight. Changing forthwith 🙂

  8. Hey you are very welcome, I love your sensor humour, it’s much like mine 🙂 Look forward to read yours too.

    I really loved the Facebook post!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Thank you. That means a lot coming from an accomplished writer such as yourself. I enjoy making people laugh but I always hold to the principle it’s your ability to take a joke, not to make one, that proves your sense of humor 😀

      P.S. Will do!

  9. Funny stuff. I don’t follow many but you made the short list.

  10. Alright Josiah … I’m hooked. Your wit & humor had me literally laughing out loud ( for lack of better words) at my desk just moments ago, probably reaffirming my staff’s thoughts that I have indeed officially “lost” my marbles. I just signed up to have your ramblings delivered to my inbox so you’re stuck with me as a reader…hope ya don’t mind 😉 Happy to your day!

  11. I’ve never been called a hooker but in this case I’ll take it as a compliment ;D Mind?! I’m ecstatic! Happy to brighten your day and plan on many more such escapades. Alvedazane!

  12. De plus Mademoiselle 😉 likewise.

  13. This is some good stuff. I came here via way of Botut Blog and after reading (and laughing out loud), “…Something you can look to as a comedic north star, an oasis of comic relief in a desert of dry puns. My hope is that your mission terminates here….” I decided I will be back! Keep it up.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a LIKE for Captain America, I know he appreciated it as much as I do. I enjoyed visiting your blog and glad to know you almost always give reprint permission. I love your stick figure sign and the Vegetarian poem. Look forward to more amusing observations from you.

  15. mjcache on said:

    You are a complete nut. Totally relate to that.

  16. Haha thanks MJ. You’re fast becoming one of my favorite people on here as well 🙂

  17. Thanks for coming by my blog, look forward to reading your posts!

  18. You have been added to THE LIST, it seemed inevitable anyways 🙂 Your blog is awesome…

  19. Erika on said:

    Oh – after your last post, definitely blog-rolled 🙂

  20. Hi! Thanks for subscribing to my new blog (I was surprised to see someone do so this soon!). I’ve been looking at your posts and you are HILARIOUS. I’m looking forward to reading more 😉

  21. Hey Captain obvious, I just added your blog on my blog buddies 🙂

  22. great – another freshman to wordpress! *cheer

  23. Yesterday I was awarded the Versatile Bloggers Award. One of the conditions of the Award is to pass it on to 7 other recipients. I chose you are one of my 7.

    Visit to collect your award.

    As I am new to this world of blogging, I hope I have done it properly!


  24. Hey Josiah!

    Thanks for the nomination and congrats on yours! 😉 I posted on my blog about “The 23rd Facebook” (with your permission) and wanted to share it with you. I hope you get some more traffic to you blog from my readers! I’ve been meaning to post comments on a few of your recent postings (particularly your wonderful handling of the discrepancies arising from “Welcome to the Monkey House.”) It’s hard to believe how much insight you have for a “young adult.” Perhaps you are an old soul? I truly enjoy your outlook and observations on life!

    See my posting about you here:

    • Thanks so much Cindy 🙂 I looked at your blog, 240 somethin thousand hits. Wow… way to go! Thanks a lot for the publicity and encouragement. I will get to posting for which I am wanted soon.

  25. Josiah,

    Forgive me for the comparison, but I’ve come to the realization that you (young adult) might be a younger, cooler, taller, skinnier, male version of me. 😉 I look forward to your postings!

  26. haha , you’re a frikkin’ genius !

  27. hello…nice blog you got here…very “comical” i should say..haha it is written all over you about page indeed…topics you post are very interesting…i shall visit you daily. btw nice to “meet” you!

  28. My visit here has been very entertaining! 😀
    I signed up 🙂

  29. Adding you to my list of blogs I ♥!

    Your blog is so humorous and I thoroughly enjoy reading it!

    i shall be keeping up to date with you regularly! ^^

  30. where have you gone? missing the posts man!

  31. Reading back over this… I sound like a conceited prcik! lol. Hey at least I’m honest 😀

  32. I love your blog! Great sense of humor (I believe that’s the sixth sense- most people aren’t fortunate enough to possess it).

  33. Hello 🙂
    Thank you for your blog and thank you for being part of my blog
    Hope to see you around

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  35. ahahahaha my favorite was your use of the word “poignantly”

  36. Hayden R. Lewis on said:

    Love the sense of humor, man. Really great stuff here — ever consider writing for They take freelance work and I think you could really make a killing there with some articles, seeing your style and all.

    Anyway, stop by sometime:

    And keep up the good work man, I’m tellin’ ya, any of those humor sites would be glad to have ya!

  37. Thanks man that’s really encouraging. That’d be a dream come true if I could do that. Have you ever tried?

    I will definitely try… love that sit. Thanks for the idea brochacho!

  38. Hey there Captain Obvious I just nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. I really enjoy your sometimes bizarre choice of subject matter. The age gap closes in the blogasphere.

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