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The Bucket List

In the infinite wisdom of the Urban Dictionary, “bucket list” is defined as: A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket”. Life isn’t about how many breaths you breath… it’s about the moments that take your breath away. Live out loud and to the fullest. You never know which 5 minutes could be your last. I compiled this list of both my dreams, my goals and things others long to do that I do quite often. I am extremely open to new suggestions! Please feel free to comment on additions you think should be made or your share your own ‘bucket list’.

-Participate in a police lineup.
-Invent a cocktail
-Paint some graffiti
-Glue quarters to a street in the crosswalk and photograph people who pick them up.-
-Take someone’s clothes away from a public shower, and leave them with only a funny costume to wear.
-Spontaneously break out into a rockin’ rendition of The Wheels on the Bus while riding public transportation… Of course I’ll have to change the lyrics to shed light on the type of passengers who ride.
-Hang lots of different fun pairs of shoes from a phone wire by my house. Preferably in an array of colors.
-Get on The Today Show and pick my nose.
Rollerblade to work on Halloween in my bathrobe.
-Fly a plane.

-Witness a shooting

-Get involved in a favorite-sport-team-related scuffle.

-Lick the Liberty Bell.

-Own a Jeep

-Stay the night in a millionaire’s mansion

-Crank call someone famous.
-Play bob for goldfish, swallow a goldfish whole.
-Hijack a local radio station
-Go up to local hunters in their hunting garb and thank them for their service to our country.
-Go Bungee Jumping
-Go Skydiving
-Touch an iceberg
-Own a parrot and teach it to make an evil laugh “Muahahahaha!”
-Go to a film premier
-Break every one of the Laws on “Feeling Criminal”

-Sleep under the stars
 -Be a part of a hockey fight
-Watch a meteor shower
-Give more than you can afford to charity
-Swim with wild dolphins
-Climb a mountain
 -Hold a tarantula
 -Say “I love you” and mean it

-Visit Paris
-Watch a lightning storm at sea
-Stay up all night long and watched the sun rise
 -See the Northern Lights
 -Go to a huge sports game
-Walk the stairs to the top of the Statue of Liberty
-Grow and eat your own vegetables
 -Look up at the night sky through a telescope

-Bet on a winning horse
 -Build a snow fort
 -Hold a lamb
 -Go skinny dipping
 -Take an ice cold bath
 -See a total eclipse
Ride a roller coaster
 -Hit a home run

-Adopt an accentin public for fun
-Visit the birthplace of my ancestors
-Have enough money to be truly satisfied
-Watch wild whales
-Go rock climbing (wall doesn’t count)
-Go on a midnight walk on the beach

-Visit the “Valley of Death” charged by the Light Brigade in Crimea (See the Alfred Tennyson poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade“)

-Stand in the pass of Thermopylae
-Visit Ireland
-Travel around the world by boat and train in less than 80 days

-Go heli-snowboarding in Canada

-Buy a stranger a meal at a restaurant
-Visit India
Bench-press your own weight
 -Milk a cow
 -Alphabetize your personal files
 -Wear a superhero costume
 -Sing karaoke
 -Lounge around in bed all day

-Go scuba diving
-Play in the mud
-Go to a drive-in theater
 -Do something you should regret, but don’t
-Visit the Great Wall of China
-Start a business
-Take a martial arts class
-Be in a movie

-Go without food for 3 days
 -Make cookies from scratch
 -Win first prize in a costume contest
-Be in a combat zone
-Speak more than one language fluently
-Get into a fight while attempting to defend someone
 -Bounce my last check before I die

-Call or write your Congress person
 -Pick up and moved to another city to just start over
-Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
-Help an animal give birth
 -Win money
 -Ride a motorcycle (I own a dirt bike)
 -Drive any land vehicle at a speed of greater than 100 mph
-Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

-Sleep through an entire flight: takeoff, flight, and landing
 -Take a canoe trip that lasts more than 2 days
Eat sushi
 -Have your picture in the newspaper
 -Read The Bible cover to cover
 -Catch a fly in the air with your bare hands
-Eat fried green tomatoes
-Read The Iliad

-Kill and prepare an animal for eating (deer, fish, elk, etc)
-Communicate with someone without sharing a common spoken language
-Be elected to public office
-Be a DJ
-Rock a baby to sleep
 -Drop a cat from a high place to see if it really lands on all fours (many times… just for ensured result accuracy)
 -Ride a horse
 -Carve an animal from a piece of wood or bar of soap

-Cook a dish where four people ask for the recipe
-Go to a Broadway
-Be inside the pyramids
-Dunk a basketball legitly at ten feet with no help(trampoline, chair or otherwise)
Dance at the disco (does rollerskating count?)
-Play in a band
 -Shoot a bird
 -Ride a train

-Eat caviar
-Ride a giraffe or elephant
-Publish a book (I wish)
-Act in a play or perform on a stage (both)
-Make a hole-in-one
-Go deep sea fishing
-Run a marathon
-Learn to surf

-Invent something
-Fly first class
-Spent the night in a 5-star luxury suite
 -Sing a solo
-Go spelunking (cave diving)
-Be written a fan letter
-Spend the night in something haunted

-Toilet paper someone’s house

-Own a St. Bernard or Great Dane
-Learn to juggle
-Sit on a jury
-Find an arrowhead or a gold nugget
-Write a poem (hundreds)
-Go to the opera
-Get a letter from someone famous (Dan Marino)
-Ride in a limousine

-Attend the Olympics
-Master the hula or the waltz (I waltz, swing and foxtrot regularly and have a lot of fun)
-Be stuck in an elevator (Scary!)
-Laugh till your sides hurt (a habit of mine)
-Straddle the equator
-Send a message in a bottle
-Spend the night in a hostel
-See the Old Faithful geyser erupt

-Built a campfire (hundreds of times)
-Keep a blog
-Conquer the Rubik’s cube (I guess peeling the stickers off and re-gluing them doesn’t count)
-Know CPR
 -Ride in or own a convertible
-Help solve a crime


37 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. Best bucket list ever!

    “Have enough money to be truly satisfied*” Any amount will do 🙂

  2. Diggin’ your list Josiah … must say it blows mine outta the water! Gave me some things to ponder & some possibilities for new additions to mine 🙂

  3. me*be in a combat zone* 🙂

  4. have been……..nearly……:)

  5. LOOOOOOL noooope … in the Middle East permanently and you my occasionally be in a combat zone inadvertently 🙂

  6. you’ll be getting a passport next…..;)

  7. Already got one 😉

  8. Buy a stranger a meal in a resteraunt? That’s a good one. I plan to hike the grand canyon next month. All things crossed 🙂

  9. Yep, a chunk of my family live in san Diego and my sister went for three months at the start of the year. So I’m going for three weeks, as a surprise. We always try to go somewhere else, so we think canton camping this year. Last year we did San fransisco which I loved

  10. I gotta ask – what was the funny costume you left behind for the person who’s clothes you took? Great bucket list! 🙂

    • Hahahaha… good memories. It was at a summer camp and all we left was a (practically see through) yellow, inflatable duck to put around his waist. He had to run about a quarter mile ‘in’ it back to his tent. We caught most of it on camera but he ended up convincing the cameraman to delete it. Best prank EVER! 😀 😀 😀

  11. lifewith4cats on said:

    I would love to be there when someone breaks out in ‘the weels on the bus.’ That would be pretty funny. You’ve got quite a list.

  12. S.T.D. on said:

    I’ve crank called a famous person! Well, I didn’t mean to, but he got pretty pissed off when I called him saying ‘take your pants off!’ at 5 in the morning hahahaha

  13. S.T.D. on said:

    Oh! Goodie! We have to be friends now, because we’re Cobras!

  14. S.T.D. on said:

    Not gonna lie, I kinda want to steal this bucket list thing from you. But that would be awkward.

  15. I see that we both like Bucket Lists. I like it.

  16. Wanna ask, when are you coming to India? 🙂

  17. Nice bucket list 🙂

  18. Hi, thanks for revealing your opinions in The Bucket List . This is really an awesome blog.

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  21. Thats an awesome list! where did you stay that was haunted? I just started a blog with my bucket list, any suggestions?

  22. Well I suppose I don’t believe in things being haunted but I stayed in a snowy abandoned cabin that my hometown has called haunted for years. It’s overlooking the town on a craggy mountain of rock and was a lot of fun. Also, I’m back on this blog everyone and will be producing new material very soon! I’m going to be a little easier to follow and not soooo over the top and ADHD but it will hopefully possess some of the original pizazz I was shooting for in the beginning.

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