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Much Ado About Nothing*

I am posting today to bring awareness to an american travesty gone rampant in the very fast food joints we patronize every day of our existence. I’m not talking about the filthy preparation or despicable state of most restrooms. I’m not even talking about the repulsive things I’ve done in my past life as a waiter to people’s evening morsels. I’m here today to talk to you about snow blindness in cats. Snow blindness in cats has effected… NOT!

What I REALLY want to address is the ridiculous amount they can charge you for a 3 ounce (<measurement stated at random, correct me if you are privy to such information) of sour cream, or any condiment for that matter! It’s more than exorbitant, it’s robbery! One of my friends and I had this lengthy conversation not but months ago… why it just popped into my kranium we’ll never know.


Talk about fast food!

Unfortunately the corporate conspiracies that be have picked up on this fact and started to charge 50 cents or even a dollar for this wonderful dairy protege and it’s ilk. I am hereby boycotting any and all such thievery. No more sour cream for this guy. In closing I have a few questions… Who will join me? Is this a plague unique to my country or is a universal ploy?  I want to hear from my blogging counterparts across the globe on this subject.

You can take our lives... but... you will never take... our MCDONALDS!

*The next post will contain much more substantial material.


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4 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing*

  1. It varies really….. Mc Donalds in the middle east, has massive serving sizes that approach the ones displayed on the ads…. Condiments and everything thrown in. I’ve been told the region has the largest serving sizes of anywhere in the world…. And I’ personally happy with them.

    India is quite a different story…… It’s such a poorly disguised scam I don’t even feel like stepping into the place….. same issue you bring up, plus a lot more background robbery.

  2. Agreed. It’s ridiculous. But not the worst offense. $1.89 for a soda? Really?

  3. mjcache (Mel Cope) on said:

    I refuse to eat the refuse they loosely term food from McDonald’s full stop. I’ll be over here gloating in my nutritional self righteousness if you need me..

  4. they charge because of how much they have to pay for the sour cream. it is more than one would think. and left up to the public, people will continue to take and take until there is no more.
    That being said….
    50 cents is certainly more than the minute amount of any condiment you get is worth. and one dollar? do you want the deed to my house too??? go ahead and boycott. for me, some things are just worth it. like the $1.80 extra for the guac at chipotle. 100% worth it.

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