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Is Chivalry Dead?

1600’s: Oh Dearest Romeo, I write to inform you that I have received your letter and I’ve been left quite speechless.

2011: K

Call me old-fashioned but I’m the kind of guy that will open doors for women (not just the one’s I think are pretty) and always pay no matter how they insist. I aspire to be that knight in shining armor… with a slightly bad ass side as well 😉
This doesn’t mean I don’t like to do crazy, (sometimes… well most of the time) illegal things. I have two tattoos and I’m planning on getting more. What chivalry means is a respect for women in general, and, while I’m nowhere near perfect, I try. I was raised in a strict environment and have branched out immensely while on my own but a few of these basic principles have served me well over the years.

Those whose ‘game’ is based on the misconception they’re flirting with women while putting them down and treating them with disrespect are nothing but insecure.

I myself think ladies with a mindset like this one (directly below) are entirely unattractive. I blame this on men without a doubt. We have forced them to fill our roles in addition to theirs  while we watch our sports,  live off our welfare and generally abdicate what little responsibility we have left. A true man deserves a true woman. There are few left. I believe nothing is more attractive than a  girly, feminine girl who desires to fill the void in society that only she can.

^^^See? Even these felines have it right ^^^

Chivalry is not dead, it’s just gone into hiding. With the emergence of hardened, assertive women who construe certain gestures of common courtesy as a sign of weakness and degradation, gentlemen have to be careful of who they hold that door open for.

The few that persist in the practice of chivalry are soon burnt out by the disdain of the opposite sex. Women are confused, not knowing whether to construe an open door or pulled out chair as someone trying to get in their pants or else mockery. This can be directly linked to a worldwide absence of true men with chivalrous intentions.

Man or woman… ask yourself: is it so hard to believe in a tradition built on mutual respect and courteous behavior?


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12 thoughts on “Is Chivalry Dead?

  1. Heather Anderson on said:

    I love chivalry! A man is at his best while holding the door open for a lady, especially if it is from the heart and not for show.

  2. I think most of the time men aren’t chivalrous because they are afraid it makes them look weak. Also, everyone is always afraid someone will misconstrue what you say.
    I hold doors for men all the time though and they take it. Cause I’m a gentleman as well.

  3. From a woman of “a certain age”, I love your post! I am a stickler for what I call “appropriate behavior” (read chivalry and etiquette). I’m married to the most chivalrous man and every day I appreciate him as such. He opens doors, always gets out of the bus or subway first so he can turn and offer me his hand so I can step down. Those are the little things but as you so aptly stated, chivalry runs deeper – it is a respect for womanhood and I feel sorry for the younger women today who are hell-bent on being so independent that they don’t allow the man in their life to treat them like a woman. So I’m off the soapbox – if you live nearby, I know a few women who would appreciate your fine qualities!

  4. I new I was in for a good a read!

    I do think chivalry is still alive, and I only discovered this recently but one due to changing my mind set.

    I entirely agree with your point “I blame this on men without a doubt. We have forced them to fill our roles in addition to theirs while we watch our sports”

    Females have to be many things; strong, independent, working woman, mothers, good in the bedroom and great in the kitchen (amongst many other things). That’s a lot for one person to take on, and we did it, and do it, very well. However it seems that in the process men have lost their role in society. And because we know that we can do a hell of a lot, we’ve become a big pig headed, too big for out boots, and down right awful in the way we treat the opposite sex!

    The suffragettes chained themselves to the railings for one main reason : female’s equal rights. There has to be 50/50 in society, so the world works.

    I say I changed my mind set, because I used to be one those woman you disliked, but that was only because I thought I had to be like that to make the suffragettes proud – and then I found a world called ‘balance’ and do my best to keep it. Keep on with chivalry, some traditions will never die out. Thankfully.

    P.S It seems I’ve not been getting your blog updates! I have much to catch up on!

    Happy Blogging 🙂

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwww. You make my heart melt!

  6. I completely agree with Mrs. O. above me here. It is so good to see that men like you still exist. I never understood why women get angry about a door held open for them or someone helping them into their jacket.

  7. Nick Earl on said:

    I love how you refer to your two tattoos as crazy and illegal hahahaha
    Love it though. Well written my friend.

  8. Fearless Expressioner on said:

    I love a guy who opens a door for me! I think women shy away from these gestures because they are becoming so uncommon so you second guess the motive. I’m just glad there are still some gentlemen in the world 🙂

  9. LoneWolf on said:

    I think chivalry is pretty much dead. I wont blame this one men or women.

    Judging by personal experience, my chivalrous days are over. Ive been burned enough times by having it backfire. I found personally that women want to do things themselves and men are no longer needed. When a man isnt needed, he dies inside.
    I cant blame this on women with all the equality rights they’ve fought for. But I wont be lending a hand anymore.

    Oh and all those daydreams of being a hero and saving the day died too.

    As far as Im concerned your modified, “We can do it”, poster says it all.

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