The Captain's (B)log

Renewed Fidelity

“I know I left you for someone else dear D.T.O… but I had to try new things. You knew I’d be back. You’re my first love and I promise i’ll make it work this time… Deva don’t look at me like that. CUZ I’M BACK BABY!” ;D

I know I’ve created a few false comeback alarms over the months here but between going up to Alaska to work… partying like crazy over the summer… going back to Alaska… coming back to the states and moving out on my own again… now starting my own sales office… it’s just been an insane year. Good, but insane 🙂 I’ve missed you all lots. Check out my newest page The Corduroy Pillow. I was very impressed that this old thing is still gettin a couple hundred views a day after just spending a week or two on it to start out. But I will keep this short and sweet… stay tuned for upcoming editions. So many ideas and things to say. Gonna be a blast. Take it easy my peoples… catchalater 😉


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4 thoughts on “Renewed Fidelity

  1. Heyhey! 😀 good to see you here 😀

  2. Howdy there stranger! How the hell are ya?! Hope all is well Josiah; Very glad to see you back… I strayed away for a bit too, but it’s inevitable; can’t leave the blog hanging!

  3. Welcome back .. 🙂

  4. Good to see y’all too! And you’re exactly right Megan 🙂

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