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Didja miss me? :)

Ladies and gentlemen… after an absence the likes of which this blog has never seen… Captain Obvious is back in the ring!

I don’t know where to start… the trip to Alaska was incredible. Flown in by private plane 100 miles north of Anchorage into the middle of nowhere in particular (google it). Working 13 hours a day, 7 days a week, working night shift, 91 hours a week. Doing lots of heavy lifting and various other random manual labor all night every night, working on a rig drilling for core for geologists to examine in an effort to prospect for gold. They’ve already found 5 million ounces but need 10 million to make it worth mining.

A half hour snow machine ride or 1.5 minute helicopter ride to work every evening before a  long night and returnjust as the sun would rise. This is mainly a photo post and a big “Aloha!” from Alaska or whatever it is they say up there besides “Brrrr.” I’m back in Washington state now and living it up big time till I have to head back up in a couple of weeks. It got down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit while I was there, so cold that the only wildlife I saw during my stay were a mouse and a bird toward the end of my stay and then a friggin MOOSE when I got back to the city to fly home. Go figure… Going up for the summer should get interesting though. We’re going to have to have a gun on the drill rig at all times due to the bears. Feel free to ask questions! I’m sure I’m skippin lots… it was an amazing experience!

The sunset that marks the start of my workday every night...

My view from the mountain across the valley.

And this is my office where i work 😀

Epic to say the least.

A recent picture with the snow slowly dissapearing and work being done on the summer runway for the planes.


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20 thoughts on “Didja miss me? :)

  1. Heather Anderson on said:

    Those are the first real pictures of the scenery I’ve seen. Incredible! Welcome back.

  2. Great pictures!!

  3. Actually, I did miss your posts! Sounds like you’re on quite an adventure—great shots of the scenery, by the way. Hope you’re stockpiling that money! 🙂

  4. Did you get to see the Northern Lights?

  5. Ho-lee-schitt! That is so scenic!! Very jealous but glad you’re back :D. When you say manual labour , I’m guessing this doubled as a month long workout session ? 😀

  6. Welcome back!!! You were missed 🙂 Awesome pictures, my brother lives in Whitehorse, it is amazing there too!

  7. What a beautiful way to start the day with!

  8. glad you had a good trip… but also glad you’re back 🙂

  9. Man, strangely I did miss. I got really excited when I saw you post. I actually exclaimed outloud. My boss liked it.

    How can I get a helicopter ride to work everyday? Just curious.

  10. Very big wlcome back! Glorious photos – what a stunning location!

  11. Hey! Nice to see you, to see you nice!!

    Wow those pictures are incredible! 😀 Photography, another one of your skills!


  12. naughty_nan on said:

    Fantastic photos. Glad to have you back!

  13. I love those mountains. They are really awesome in my eyes. We do not have mountains, but only arctic hills.

    But what in Alaska is not found, is World’s Biggest Snow Castle. That we have in Finland.

    Happy blogging!

  14. such incredible pictures!…did you try any new foods there??? and welcome back!

  15. OMG after viewing these pics I think we may just have to add Alaska to our travel map. Welcome back Captain!

  16. Mental Xpress on said:

    OMG so beautiful lucky lucky you. Glad to have you back

  17. Wow! Those are awesome! Wish I could have gone to Alaska, too. 🙂

  18. I have Alaska is a wonderful place to visit..I wish i ll get a chance to fly there once..And the pictures are wonderfully taken..

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