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Notice: Upcoming Blog Hiatus


Quick post. I’m going up to Alaska to work for a month and I don’t believe I will be able to post during that time due to time constraints and limited internet access. It’s a lucrative opportunity though so it’s definitly worthwhile. Wish me luck! I’m leavin at 2 AM to catch my plane šŸ˜€



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30 thoughts on “Notice: Upcoming Blog Hiatus

  1. Alaska? Random. I think you work for the C.I.A.

  2. mjcache on said:

    Make a snowman for me. C u in a month.

  3. Well Congratulations.

  4. Huh gold digger! šŸ™‚ Have a nice time šŸ™‚

  5. good luck on your stay there! dont shoot any wildlife!

  6. Alaska is beautiful—hope you can get out to see the sights from time to time. We’ll miss your postings—but just think—you’ll have more adventures and observations to blog about! Be careful out there in the wilderness!


  7. Mental Xpress on said:

    You will be missed my days are going to be so boring without your postings šŸ˜¦ – But best of luck with the new opportunity bet you will do great and will have lots of stories to tell when you are back šŸ™‚

  8. Sounds like a great chance to be paid to experience Alaska (and bust your butt a bit). Have fun!

  9. naughty_nan on said:

    Take care! I’ll look forward to your postings when you get back.

  10. Hope I am not too late – GOOD LUCK!!! We’ll be here when you get back! Hopefully you’ll have lots of material to write about!

  11. If you get to see the Northern Lights, I hope you will let us all know!

  12. Read ya when ya get back! You’re on my blog roll to stay.

  13. Hey šŸ˜€ good luck!!!

  14. Mental Xpress on said:

    Congratulations your blog has won the versatile blogger award please see my blog to receive your award.

  15. How long before you come back? You are missed!

  16. I expect you to have good things to post about when you get back! A trip to Alaska? I find things to blog about when there are none (just about, it seems!). You’ll have a million blog posts in that!

  17. where this boy be gone?

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