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Waxed On In Ears

We are gathered here today to commemorate the passing of my dear friend and constant companion…  Beatty Pluggins. He was an exemplary headphone, living out loud and standing tall till the end… when he shorted out. It was his time. He was significantly waxed on in ears and an old soul. Taken from us at the ripe old age of 12 months. Since this is an open casket funeral please form two single file lines and wait your turn to view the deceased.

Look at him there... so quiet... so peaceful...

Now if you will all retake your seats. I was with Beatty to hear his eloquent, final and fuzzy words…

“I hear they have 70 brand new pink & purple headphones waiting for me up there…” He said.

I couldn’t let him go out believing a lie so I replied “I hate to tell you but that’s not true Beatty… they’re all refurbished.”

He breathed a sigh of static disappointment  “Oh..” and expired.

So passed the one I would listen to when I didn’t want anyone else to talk to me, the one who knew just how I liked my bass and treble in the morning. He is survived by myself and all of you. As are all in this world who have who have died to date (and for all of you who ARE dying to date, think again, dating isn’t all it’s cracked up to be).

I know Beatty would want us to share about our own loved ones… whether they be amp, stereo, radio, headphone, speaker or even power cord, Beatty didn’t discriminate and that speaks volumes. So, I will open it up to those of you who would like to share your own story or pay your witty comments and respects to my friend Beatty.


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21 thoughts on “Waxed On In Ears

  1. You are a horrible person to die around. You couldn’t let him believe something better was up there? You’re ridiculous.

  2. Hm… somehow all headphones seem to die within a year. All of mine did. With only one exception.
    I really don’t like advertising apple (because too expensive and Steve Jobs rapes you if you buy one of their products), but I have to admit that the headphones of my iPod have been surviving for about 5 years now. o.0

  3. My last pair of earphones before my apple ones lasted a week. The puppy ate them.

  4. lifewith4cats on said:

    I was so determined to get my money worth out the cheap 4 dollar pair I owned. I continued with them eveb after the horrible accident which deprived my pretty red set of its arms and legs. They only had one side with which to listen to. The other? an empty dangling wire.

    Finaly someone took pity. My Bro bought me a new pair. Love is a fickle thing.

  5. I recently had to bury my a/c adapter for my laptop. Upon looking for a replacement at Radioshack I was astounded at the cost… $100 for a replacement cord. BUT, it was “green” and it was universal so it would work with ANY laptop. Needless to say I walked out empty handed. My pops found one on ebay for me for $20. Signed, sealed and delivered. Works like a charm 😀

    • AC adpters have a very short life span. Can’t get too attached. ive never heard of a universal cord…? That would be pretty cool though!

      • It had interchangeable fittings you could swap out to meet your needs. Ya, it was pretty cool, but not what I needed. I was quite happy with my Ebay find as it’s actually charging my laptop’s battery again and the originial wasn’t even recognized by my laptop anymore. Freakin’ technology… love it and love to hate it! 😉

  6. I paid $79 for my Sennheiser, so they better not pass any time soon! The Nokia headphones were crap and had to be retired to make way for something better. They aren’t a pretty colour like yours though, sadly.

    I have a problem with shoes dying before their time. Oh, and ADSL splitters. I seem to go through those very quickly.

  7. Love the new look!!!! Fabulous!!!

  8. i still have my headphones…they are getting really bad…i think they are already dead lol…now i have to go get new ones…i think ill go for the ones that block out the outside noise. great post btw lol

  9. mjcache on said:

    My condolences. (funereal music strains in the background amid sobs)

  10. I have killed my headphones! I’m soo ashamed!! I crushed them … it was in awful way to die, but I couldn’t save them … that wonderful pair has been dead now for a few months … RIP you were fantastic! And I’m sorry! Please forgive me dear headphones … PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!

  11. Firstly, sorry for your loss.

    Two of my mixing earphones (Sennhauser & Sony) were recently taken from me. My dog is the primary suspect, police believe.I honestly don’t know what to think anymore.

    Second, I forgot.

    Needless to say, I enjoyed reading this post (haven’t found a blog this awesome in a while)! 🙂

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