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On this day sixty years ago…

April Fools! Let’s get married.
Let’s get married. April Fools!

It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon or a big CAN YOU SPOT THE DIFFERENCE section in a coloring book to realize the opposite nature of these two statements. What I am about to relate to you is a personal story of my family. A story my grandma told me years ago. The story of her marriage to my grandpa. It’s pretty short, sweet and simple.










My Grandma was in a bad situation in her home, had run away multiple times and needed to get out. She had been seeing my Grandpa for about a year. They first met at a Bible Study and hit it off immediately. I am told that he was a charming man back in the day (compared his slightly cantankerous self of late). To make a long story short they planned to get married in a year or so after they could save up and start right but her family situation forced the decision upon them. It was April Fools Day, 1951. Unaware of the date and caught up in the drama that was their life at the time, they headed to the local chapel. Their request to be married was met with a goodhearted laugh by the minister but he decided to play along.

The pastor didn’t realize he was conducting a real wedding until the end of the ceremony. My grandparents headed off on their honey moon leaving a bewildered and somewhat embarrassed man of the church. This very day marks 60 years of “hard marriage” in payment of their vows that cool April morning. They currently live less than a half hour drive away from my house and have been the best grandparents anyone could ask for. Grandma is ALWAYS encouraging me to chase my impossible dreams and Grandpa (the eternal realist) is making sure there’s a good plan in place to do so. I love them both very much.

I am posting this in honor of such character, devotion and love that made the inception of my life possible and have inspired me along it’s course. Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa


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32 thoughts on “On this day sixty years ago…

  1. am i just about to walk into the massive gullible april fools day joke? if this is for real its my favourite post of yours yet. i totally got the chills.

  2. I agree!! What a great piece of your families history!!

  3. Loved the story…The priest was fooled in the most innovative way! lol…

  4. “Bible Study and hit it off immediately” lol…very sudden at first sight/encounter. anyway that was a nice post you wrote… did they read this? i’d squeeze my grandson if i read it and then i’d yell at him for posting my personal story lol…but thats just me…im sure your grandparents would loveit…great post !

  5. Mental Xpress on said:

    Such a beautiful story 🙂 thanks for sharing it makes me believe that love does exist . Beautiful *teary eyes*

  6. This, by far, is one of the best real life love stories I’ve heard. How lucky your grandparents are (and how lucky you are to have them in your life). My grandparents have been married for over 50 years and I can only hope to have that one day…on April Fools day or not!

  7. Mental Xpress on said:

    And I am loving the new theme for the blog 😛

  8. TrinaRae on said:

    That’s beautiful :] I still can’t wait to meet them one day.

  9. What a great story! And your grandparents should be proud to have such a loving grandchild.

  10. ohanabee on said:

    great story!

  11. I dug up some before and after pictures and added them to the post. Not the best ones but it’s what I could find… love these two 😀

  12. bravo for spotlighting two people who remained committed to one another all these years. we (my husband and i) made some t-shirts for our folks this past christmas with the following quote: Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers. (ESV Prov 17:6) – i’m sure your grands feel the same about their grandchildren! great post!

  13. Such a sweet story… I appreciate the value of it more seeing as it DIDN’T occur on say Valentine’s Day or a birthday or something. 60 year anniversaries are certainly a rare commodity these days. Glad to hear such a testament to the fact that it is still possible. Sounds like you’ve got an awesome set of grandparents Josiah 😀

  14. How Did I Reach Sixty? on said:

    What a lovely story! I hope our grandchildren feel the same way about my husband and I, though we’ve only made 37 years so far.

  15. Eric Sylvester on said:

    Totally dig it! Sadly, the only thing April Fools Day has brought me recently is another injury to my beloved St. Louis Cardinals.

    My buddies texted me saying Matt Holliday had an emergency appendectomy. I laughed and told them to piss off.

    After reading ESPN and I had a lot of apology texts to send.

  16. It is lovely to hear someone is close to their grandparents. I only ever knew a slightly dippy grandmother until she dies when I was about 12 and my older children only ever knew their grandmother on their father’s side. My husband’s children have a step-grandma on their father’s side, but the grandparents on their natural mother’s side they will never know.

    I think families with several generations of closeness like yours are particularly blessed.

  17. I loved the story, very sweet. But I’m kinda stuck on the first line, I can’t stop laughing about it.

  18. lifewith4cats on said:

    What an inspiration your grand parents are. Long marriages are too possible with old fashioned values and hard work. But then I’m sure you know this.

    I share your joy in their successfull life.

  19. Aww. Three cheers for the institution of marriage!

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