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“35 Seconds!”

“35 seconds!” My mom said. I was visiting with my parents and the unexpected declaration regarding this measurement of time caught me off guard. “It’s been 35 seconds since you touched your hair! A new record!”. Then it came to me.

“Wh-whaaaat?” I said, feigning innocence. Yet another habit publicly exposed along with biting my nails and the rest of my somewhat OCD compilation. I recently started using conditioner and… well the results have made my hair quite succulent to the touch. Little did I know how attractive. I was messing with it every 10 seconds.However, this is not a new thing, it has just recently become more noticeable.

In tracing back my psychological steps to the origin of this habit a wave of memory washed over me. As a kid I loved the book Count of Monte Cristo and when the movie came out it instantly rose to the top of my Favorites List. In that movie Jim Caviezel (playing Edmond Dantes, the Count) is a tall, dark and handsome rogue (much like myself) who is imprisoned, finds treasure, exacts revenge from his enemies and in the end his old fiance recognizes him by how he twists his hair with his fingers.

Naturally I thought… what if I am to be married someday and get locked in prison for 50 billion years and come back out and get rich and need to be recognized by my former bride-to-be? To make a long story short I started twisting my hair behind me ear with my right hand and have been doing it ever since. I have (as of yet) never been engaged, gotten rich or been thrown in prison but I’m sure that fateful day lies just around the corner… and when it does come I will be prepared for it.

Now, I don’t suffer from some kind of disease and I’m not OCD in the least (In fact I’m kind of a slob sometimes) but there’s one other thing I always do. I have a drinking problem (it’s not what you think). When getting a drink from a cup (new or one I’ve used previously) I will always rinse it out three times in the sink before filling it. If I happen to rinse it four time by accident I will make it an even six but not five or seven. Always in multiples of three. Okay now… *retrieving memory from mind dump* the origin of this habit also came from a book I read as a child. In this book the evil King was poisoned by his son who then washed the royal cup out three times before drinking as the new King. Still not sure exactly why I found that important in the least but I rarely find myself NOT washing the cup I drink out of at least three times (just to be safe, I don’t have an evil son and I’m not a King but one never knows I suppose). Weird huh?

I also chew on pens and pencils with a vengeance but enough of MY trivial pursuits. I would like to hear if any of you have weird or even normal habits, especially if you can remember how they started and why and even if you can’t… give it your best shot! 🙂



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18 thoughts on ““35 Seconds!”

  1. I don’t know – that cup rinsing thing sounds VERY OCD to me. Maybe I have watched too many Criminal Minds episodes with OCD criminals doing things three times.

    Mine would be checking the front door is actually locked after I lock it when leaving the house. JUST ONCE!! As in I only check once each time I leave. I don’t back out the driveway and come back to check or anything.

    If anything, I have a few things I’d like to be a little more OCD-ish about, quite frankly!

  2. Haha me too! Like my room gosh dangit… and yeah Criminal Minds will do that to ya… i know I’ve seen 1 or 2 with the whole trifects thing goin on. Yeah the cup thing is pretty OCD but i ALWAYS think about why i do it when i do and im like “i have a reason… Im not OCD” and carry on about life.

  3. Yeah, you’re not OCD at all. I’m a recovering nail biter. I grow them out, but if one breaks then it’s a green light to attack the rest. I am also a hair twirler, especially when I’m tired.

  4. My sister is a recovered/recovering nail biter too, and has done very well! As the sister with the permanently long nails, I’m very proud of her! It took a LONG time.

    Get some nail glue! I do. If I crack one, I glue it. File, glue, file, glue until it is strong again.

  5. Any reason your comments aren’t threaded, Josiah? Just curious…..

  6. Dashboard > Settings > Discussion > and then “Other Comments Settings” . There are choices about how deep to thread and when to close comments etc etc etc.

  7. Not making light of OCD by anymeans when I say this, because I know it has to be awful… BUT, I could use a few OCD tendencies… Maybe my place would be a bit more neat. I am a hair twirler…mostly when I’m tired though. Just a small piece by my face… Don’t know when or why I started it, but it’s soothing, I guess.

    Stop by my newest post J. I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award buddy! Thoroughly enjoy your posts!

  8. I have that number thing going on too. Just that I like numbers that are multiples of five. Usually that comes up when I’m gaming though and try to collect some items. I don’t feel comfortable when I have 44 fish in my backpack, I need to make it 45.

  9. Hi ya, Captain. I just started checking out your blog and gotta say I’m enjoying the read. Anyway, here’s a couple odd things I do:
    I have to close the closet door in my bedroom in order to sleep…like, I don’t even want it cracked open. LOL I’m not worried about the Boogieman…I just don’t like the door being open.
    Also I can’t play on my piano unless everything in the room is put away. It’s not like I can see what’s behind me but I know that things are out (like a TV tray or the coat closet door is open, etc, you get the drift) so I need to straighten up before I can sit with my back to the room to play. HA – sounds silly now that I’m reading that back. OK, that was fun…catch ya later

  10. Hahah I think you have OCD tendencies- you know it’s not all just about being clean! Congratz on using conditioner there’s nothing more attractive then a man with silky locks 😉

    Mine is…. when I go out anywhere, pubs, places to eat, shopping centres and even friends houses, I have to know exactly where all the exits are. I will spend as long as it takes finding all the relevant exits before I can relax, I have no idea where it comes from though! My friend has to go to sleep the same time he wakes up. So if he’s up at 7am he has to go asleep at 7pm…. Humans eh, weird creatures…

  11. Shananigan ;) on said:

    OCD? Me too. Eggs have to be evenly spaced in an egg carton after you remove some (which, I always make sure to cook an even amount so there is an even amount left) and also have to be evenly balanced. I think it stems from when I was a child, as well.
    The eggs would all be at one end of the carton and, after grabbing it, would use their combined weight to pull the carton right out of your hand and therefore, onto the floor. Making a huge, gooey, icky mess. 😉

  12. I didn’t know the best place to send you this…so it is totally random 🙂

    I wanted to let you know I’m awarding you The Versatile Blogger Award!! You are one of the chosen

    it’s like the chain letter of blog awards…you can thank me later 🙂

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