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“What day is it?”

(I don’t usually do two posts in a day but I found this so funny, one of those “you had to be there” type of moments but here goes anyway)

My brother Garrett: 15 years old (usually a pretty bright kid). As he looks up from the table, through a mouthful of corned beef and cabbage (with a couple carrots stuffed in there for good measure) he says… “What day is it?” in all seriousness… gotta love him.


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4 thoughts on ““What day is it?”

  1. I’ve done it a few times myself! When i first saw this title, initially thought this was making reference to your over sleeping & and being all kinds of messed up because of it. 😉

  2. Through a mouthful of corned beef and cabbage? That’s like wolfing down turkey on the third Thursday in November and saying “Yum this food is sure good. What’s the occasion?” Haha nah just kidding, I’m just as guilty. Birthdays are the worst!

  3. Just started blogging the other day… trying to get my blog out there. Let me know what you think man. Thanks.

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